Site Update: More Romanizations and a Conversion Chart

Full range of Chu-im charactersMore goodness in the Scripts section of Tailingua. There are basic details on four more romanization schemes, plus a preliminary comparison chart for some of the better known systems. The picture on the right is of the extended range of Chu-im characters, including those designated specially for use with Taiwanese and Hakka. The last four characters at the bottom are for the Taiwanese stops, represented in most romanizations as “p”, “t”, “k” and “h”.

I’m currently working on ways to incorporate sound files smoothly in to pages, something which would allow me to build a useful phonics section. Also coming up in the next few weeks: more books and more detail in many of the existing areas of the site.

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  1. Mark S. says:

    Hot diggety!

    BTW, your link breaks because it gives one too many t’s in “http”.

  2. admin says:

    Gah! Well spotted – fixed now. I need to tape “check your links” to my monitor or something.

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