Prize-winning foreign students of Taiwanese

The Taipei Times has an article today on a competition organised by a Taiwanese chapter of the Rotary Club:

For Tokuya Kumagai, learning Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese) is the best way for him to show his passion for the country.

“I want to learn Hoklo because I love Taiwan,” he said yesterday in faultless Hoklo after only studying for three months.

Kumagai was one of the 45 contestants from 14 countries, including Slovenia, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Macedonia, the UK, Vietnam and the US, to compete yesterday in the 12th annual Mandarin and Taiwanese Speech Contest for Foreign Students held by Rotary Club district 3250.

“I believe speaking Hoklo is the most direct way for me to really understand the country and its people,” he said, adding he would also recommend that his friends in Japan come to Taiwan to learn Mandarin.

Faultless Taiwanese after three months? I need to find out who his teacher is…

The full article is available via the Taipei Times Web site.

2 Responses to “Prize-winning foreign students of Taiwanese”

  1. Mark says:

    Hmm… I wonder how long it takes normal students to learn how to say, “I want to learn Hoklo because I love Taiwan” faultlessly.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah – I wonder if he won anything?

    “Mmm, I love Taiwan, I love Taiwanese food and I love your hair, Madame Judge. Quite magnificent!”

    I bet the judges ate it all up.

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