Award-winning Taiwanese Literature Graduate Research Papers

National Museum of Taiwanese LiteratureThe National Taiwanese Literature Museum in Tâi-lâm (Tainan) announced on Monday that it had granted 11 prizes totalling almost NT$2 million (around US$60,000) to PhD and Masters students for research in the area of Taiwanese literature.

Titles of the studies involved included “Language, Literature and Symbolic Violence; The Relations of Postwar Taiwanese Philology with Chinese Literature Research”, “Differing Culture and Memory: After the Lifting of Martial Law in Taiwanese Film and Song” and “The Continuation of the Classical Chinese Novel in Taiwan”.

For any readers who happen to be visiting Tâi-lâm, I recommend a trip to the museum, which includes literature in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese, as well as Classical Chinese. The museum itself is housed in the former Tainan City Hall and is worth seeing for the interesting colonial architecture alone.

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