Taiwanese Audio Phrasebook for the iPhone

An enterprising programmer has developed an app for the iPhone to help English speakers with Taiwanese. The software, created by Gene Ko and called simply “Taiwanese“, includes a vocabulary training section and a self-test facility. It’s listed on my (British) iTunes at £3.99, but I don’t have exact prices in Taiwan or US dollars (£4 is just over NT$200 or about $6.60 American). Another thing I don’t have, unfortunately, is an iPhone, so I can’t offer a report on this application.  If anyone out there has tried it, please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. David L Chen says:

    I don’t have the iPhone, but I have the Motorolla Droid. On the Motorolla Droid, there is a free Taiwanese Dictionary App called 通用台語字典 (tongyong taiyu zidian) by 吳崑松 (Mr. Kun-Sung Wu). You need to use tongyong pinyin spelling and it will list the chinese character and the context used. However, this dictionary is limited. I tried to find the character 我 (goa or ghua)…for “myself”…and didn’t find it. There are several romanization/pinyin methods for Taiwanese…and I think this app is great. I hope Mr. Wu further develops it. So far I type the chinese characters in mandarin using google pinyin or google zhuyin.

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