Site redesigned and back online

After a while without adding any new content, I’ve decided to update the design and add some features to the site.  In addition to the updated look of the site, there are a couple of additions worth pointing out.  The first is a sitemap to allow visitors to locate the information they are looking for.  Shortly I’ll be bringing a site search online too. There’s a new image gallery with photos relevant to the language, which at the moment contains only a few images, but which will grow as time goes on.

The other notable addition will not be immediately obvious to many visitors, as it’s more of a “behind the scenes” change.  Previously I asked visitors to install a special font in order to view the romanised Taiwanese used throughout the website, but advances in browser capabilities mean that users of the latest versions of Firefox, Opera, and Safari will not need to do this, as their browser will automatically download and display the correct font. I’ll be writing a full blog post on this aspect of the redesign in the near future, including the technical details.

Tailingua is now also on Twitter, which will be used for quick updates that don’t require a full blog post. At some point I’ll be integrating the Twitter feed into the sidebar on this site.

Hope you like the changes and I’ll be glad to hear any opinions you have on the redesign.

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